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Are you an employer, producer or casting director? Then register your company here for free to find performers, actors, extras and backstage workers! Advertising with StagePool will always be free, we do not charge for this service or the signup.

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How advertising with StagePool works

  • Employers, producers and casting directors always advertise for free on StagePool!

  • StagePool has thousands of jobseekers looking for jobs in the culture and entertainment industry. The people who match your ad can send their DigiCV to you with a single click!

  • DigiCV means you can see photos, showreels, sound files and contact the person directly - by message or telephone.

  • Either manage your job applicants on your own page or receive a compilation by email.

  • Should you have further questions please contact us on advertise@stagepool.com and we'll be happy to assist you.