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Success Stories

Silvia Vicinelli - Silvia

Silvia Vicinelli

Dear Silvia, You already had an amazing and impressive musical... Read more
Stefany Dreyer - Stefany Dreyer

Stefany Dreyer

Dear Stefany, you have already done quite many very successful... Read more
Fabrizio Levita - Fabrizio Levita

Fabrizio Levita

Well Fabrizio – your career until now was amazing… we are curi... Read more
Brigitte Breternitz - Brigitte Breternitz

Brigitte Breternitz

Brigitte Breternitz, choreographer and dancer from Cologne, is... Read more
Julie Pecquet - Julie Pecquet

Julie Pecquet

Julie Pecquet is one of those all-round talents who archieve a... Read more

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